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Shulamit Yard logo tree
Shulamit Yard logo tree

Shulamit Yard

Serenity lodge
אנחנו חזרנו לפעילות אבל לא שוכחות לרגע את אלו שעדיין לא חזרו.
מקוות ומתפללות לחזרתן.ם של החטופות.ים


'Shulamit Yard' is a unique B&B located in Rosh Pina, maintaining the original spirit and atmosphere of more than a hundred years of history.
All furniture and decorations represent the culture, art, technology and tradition of the last century.
'Shulamit Yard' serenity lodge providing accommodation of high standard and quality for singles and couples looking for special atmosphere, culture at its best, childhood memories and the scents of nature.
The place can be used for family gatherings, conferences, seminars and small groups.
'Shulamit Yard' is a special place built for those who seek to stop for a moment from their day-to-day race, listen to music, paint, write or just regain some sanity.


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